Heather Zortman

Speech-Language Pathologist

Hi! I’m Heather Zortman, MS, CCC-SLP (she/her), and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the sole Speech-Language Pathologist and founder of Bravo! With 14 years of professional experience in the pediatric private clinic setting and a passion for online speech therapy, I am confident in my ability to help your child excel in their communication skills.

I help children with a wide range of speech-language difficulties, but I have particular interest and expertise helping those with early language delays, autism spectrum, and speech sound disorders.

Through personalized and compassionate therapy, I work with your child to help them feel confident in their ability to communicate effectively.

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I understand how difficult it can be, whether you’ve been down this therapy road before, or this is completely unfamiliar territory for you, I can help.

This journey will be centered around the entire family, as each member plays an important role. Working together as a team is the most efficient way for your child to achieve their goals (big or small)!

Our collaboration starts right from the beginning, with me listening to your concerns and what you hope to gain from therapy. I will teach you the skills necessary to help your child in all environments, whether it's at home, school, or out in the community.

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Bravo’ speaks to the praise and steady support that I provide to my clients and their families. Positive reinforcement and self applause are powerful tools that effectively shape behavior and foster success.

The name is also an ode to my experience in musical theater, which influences my expressive therapy style. Therapy works best when it is fun and playful!

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My Story

From an early age, I have been driven to make a positive impact on the lives of others. As a teenager, I had the opportunity to assist in the care of my younger cousin with autism. This experience ignited a passion in me for helping children with unique abilities.

I went on to pursue my Bachelors and Masters degrees in communication disorders, and the pediatric setting became my speciality.

After many years working in the field, my family and I sought adventure and departed our home state of Minnesota to live & travel by RV. This gave me the opportunity to broaden my scope of practice working with various clients, in different settings.

An added bonus? Those experiences just strengthened my passion for working with children. I found myself settling into a pediatric clinic in Washington State.

When the pandemic arrived, it abruptly shifted the way I delivered my therapy services, from in-person to Teletherapy. This unexpected change proved to be just the right fit.  

I enjoy hiking and camping with my husband and daughter in the beautiful pacific northwest. Newfound interests include learning spanish, ocean time, and embracing new traditions during our travels to Mexico.

Professionally Licensed

Washington State



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I proudly hold my Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) through The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and am professionally licensed in Washington State, Oregon, and California.

Schedule an online Meet & Greet or an Initial Evaluation to get started!

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Meet & Greet

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